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Title Synopsis Words Duration Published
The Cobbler and the Brownies One good turn deserves another... and then some. 1198 8:45 June 17, 2020
Jack and the Beanstalk Fee, fi, fo, fum! I smell the blood of an African man! Be he alive or be he dead I’ll grind his bones to make my bread. 2957 20:40 June 1, 2020
The Three Wishes One, two, three... then they're gone; you thought you had some then now you've none! 745 5:47 May 25, 2020
The Fisherman and His Wife Can you have it all? How much is enough? Well, let's hear what we can learn from The Fisherman and His Wife. 2022 13:55 May 17, 2020
Little Red and the Three Gorillas What would you do if you were confronted by a tired and hungry gorilla? Well, you'll have to listen to find out... 1278 9:00 May 5, 2020
The Old Man and His Grandson Beware! What goes around comes around... 258 2:38 May 1, 2020
Little Red and the Hungry Hyena Listen to this timeless tale of a charming little girl who falls prey to a cunning hyena. Will she end up in his empty belly or is there yet hope for her to see another day? 1084 8:07 April 21, 2020